Springboard® – Leadership Programme for Women
Women’s Professional and Personal Leadership Programme

Two months to change your life
Are you ready for a life changing experience? Then Springboard® is ideal for you!

Developed by
The Springboard Consultancy

In partnership with
The British Council

4 Workshops, Thought-provoking Workbook, Network Support and Inspiring Speakers

Springboard ProgrammeSpringboard® is a 4 week experiential Programme, which will give you tools to make important changes in your life. You will become part of a group of like-minded women with whom you will share life-changing experiences.

I offer the programme in English, French and Arabic.

Who is Springboard® Programme for?

Women who want to make a difference in their life and the life of others.
What are the outcomes?
  • Greater confidence
  • More focus
  • Self-reliance
  • Better at taking responsibilities
  • More proactive
  • Better networking
  • Higher self-esteem

What is the focus?
Evidence-based Results

Over two thirds report that other people have commented on the positive changes they have made since taking part in Springboard® with two thirds saying this has been reflected in their formal appraisal

Format of the Programme

The workshops are delivered weekly or twice a month (as per the organisations’ requirements)

Springboard® Programme includes

Over 250,000 women in 35 countries have already attended Springboard®. Here is a sample of the companies who have delivered the Programme.

Cambridge University, UK
Oxford University, UK
Prince Sultan University, Saudi Arabia
UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office
Qatar University, Qatar
Sultan Qaboos University, Oman

North Atlantic College – Qatar
Qtel, Qatar
London School of Economics, UK
Qatar Business Women
Association, Qatar
Nahda Philanthropic
Association, Saudi Arabia

Women in Peace, South Africa
World Health Organisation, India
Schlumberger plc, UK
Rolls Royce, UK
The Police Force, UK

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“Evelyne has a great approach in communicating and engaging with the attendees. She delivered 2 sessions to Bayt.com employees in Abu Dhabi and Dubai’s offices of which each was for an hour of a topic taken of her Springboard® program and she for sure had left us hungry for more knowledge. Her passion and belief in the positive impact this program would leave; is really very impressive. Evelyne is for sure a trainer any would enjoy dealing with and benefit from her experience”
Huda Kalash-Training Manager-Bayt.com

“It empowers individuals to change themselves. It motivates women to do something about the problems they face by changing themselves and how they relate.  It made me believe that the power is within ME and not in others.”
Suzan Zawari, Lecturer, Saudi Arabia

“Like any working mother, it can be a struggle to find enough time and there are also still traditional views of women, which can make it difficult to get good jobs or promotions. What made Springboard® different was that it was about learning to balance responsibilities as a wife and mother with your professional responsibilities. I also loved that the course was positive about being a woman – so many women in Oman think that to succeed, you have to be like a man, or become ruthless and forget your family life.”
Nada Al-AjmI, Oman

“A terrific programme for women at all stages of life.” 
Sally Main, Devon & Cornwall Police, UK

“Confidence booster and it has given me the chance to find and meet the real me.”
Sue Ball, Project Support – School Liaison, Gwent Police, UK

“After two years, many of the woman remain highly motivated, are still setting new goals, seeking new responsibilities and are still achieving – there are clear benefits to the organisation.” 
Essex County Council, UK

Evelyne L Thomas